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Raise your local area’s awareness that abortion is healthcare

Creative Brief: 



Poland has one of Europe’s most restrictive abortion laws.


Currently, in Poland, abortion is allowed by law in two exceptional cases: - pregnancy is a direct threat to the life of a pregnant woman, and there is a reasonable suspicion that the pregnancy is the result of a prohibited act (rape). For other reasons, abortion in Poland is punishable by imprisonment from 6 months to 8 years.


Raise people's awareness that there are countries where abortion is considered a crime and convince them to act and help.


Shows men and women holding 'Crime Cards' featuring the Sentence and the Reason.
The reasons will be related to
Additional information is placed to encourage you to learn more (e.g. assisting a woman in an abortion is punishable by 3 years in prison). Billboards will have a slogan and a call to action through a website.

Projekt bez tytułu (3).png


Billboards will be placed at airport departure gates where direct flights to Poland are scheduled. Because of that, the action and raising awareness will have an international effect.

Social Media

As part of the expansion in social media, we will strive to shock and even be outrage by what is happening in Poland. We will raise awareness about abortion in Poland and start a discussion and expressing own opinions.

Via the link provided, interested persons will be able to go directly to the website for more information, help or take the action.

Not a CRIME.png

Paid Advertising

Online ads will be targeted at people who have been or are looking for holidays and flights to Poland.

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On the website, interested persons will find stories of abortion, statistics, and contacts with organizations. There will be information for people who need help and those who want to help and support various organizations. 

The website is designed to encourage people to
act and raise their awareness. There are links on the website to
support organizations, donate, or sign a petition.



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