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We need people from minority ethnic communities to become blood donors.


People from the same ethnic background are more likely to be a match.
9 out of 10 people I asked didn't know that ethnic background matters.


Turn ordinary people of the different minorities into heroes.

Let's show people from these minority ethnic communities that they are real heroes in everyday life. They save not only people from their MINORITY but also others.




  • colourful, eye-catching graphics - showing blood donors as heroes

  • Each nation has a personalized billboard.

  • Billboards are placed in shopping centres and universities

donate blood.png
give blood billboard.png

Social Media 

  • We will use the abovementioned video on Instagram, tik tok and Facebook social networks.

  • #BloodHero #beahero - People using the hashtag will share photos of themselves where they give blood. Also, people who have had transfusions will use this hashtag to thank and encourage others by sharing their stories.

  • Cooperation with influencers - people such as:

Lynnjaphet, ofaglasgowgirl, islajune

football players example - (Celtic players) golf/rugby

  • They will use #bloodhero to encourage people to donate blood, showing that they are doing it too and saving lives.

Projekt bez tytułu (4).png
#blooddonors #bloodhero #imbloodhero (4).png
#blooddonors #bloodhero #imbloodhero.png
#blooddonors #bloodhero #imbloodhero (1).png

Each blood donor will receive a "hero pack" containing: pins, stickers, keychains in the shape of a hero's cape and a "thank you" card with the date when they can give blood again. 

Hoodies and mugs will also be available for purchase

#blooddonors #bloodhero #imbloodhero (6).png
#blooddonors #bloodhero #imbloodhero (7).png


Email and text message notifications to book an appointment for a blood donation. Notifications will be sent two weeks before and the day they can donate blood again.

#blooddonors #bloodhero #imbloodhero (11).png
#blooddonors #bloodhero #imbloodhero (10).png

 CRM - 
reminder notifications


On the Giveblood website, we will create a tab called "Our Heros - real story", in which we will place stories of people from each minority group - there will be people who donate blood and an explanation of why they do it and, people who needed blood along with thanks to the heroes.

#blooddonors #bloodhero #imbloodhero (9).png


The campaign will focus on video - storytelling.

The video is divided into two parts - action and effect.

Videos will be created separately for each minority group.

#blooddonors #bloodhero #imbloodhero (12).png


Part 1.

- A young black boy is sitting with his friends - he gets a reminder notification that he has an appointment to donate blood. After donating blood, he comes out in a "hero's cloak". When he returns to his friends, they envy him a lot and also sign up for blood donation because they want to be like him - they want to be heroes.

Part 2.

Our black hero goes to the hospital to visit the person to whom he donated blood - The person thanks with the words "THANK YOU FOR BEING MY HERO"



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