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I am a smiling, patient, stubborn
and goal-oriented dreamer.

Looking for my next
to make a change.

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Little about me 

I am an efficient manager with international professional experience focused on creating a brand image -  online (social media, websites)
offline (events, customer contact, sales, promotional campaigns). I am a person who loves to learn. 
And I can efficiently use each lesson at work. 

Content Strategy  Social Media 
Campaign Management 

 Branding   Customer Service

Events Content    Graphic Design  Creative Initiatives

Privately, I am a happy, very talkative person who loves to enjoy life(after all, we only have one) . I am a dreamer brought up on any Disney fairy tales and Harry Potter!  

I am a travel enthusiast - currently, in my spare time, I try to see the most beautiful places in Scotland.

I love good music - any style depending on my mood, it can be 60s rock & roll, classical music while studying, or pop when I want to dance.

In love with good books - sometimes everyone wants to escape into the world of fantasy, experience an amazing romance, or feel the thrill of a good crime story

Little about me 

I fell in love with marketing exactly 14 years ago.
In my first classes at school. I remember the excitement when the teacher was explaining to us what we would learn for the next 4 years of "hospitality college" (back then, no one mentioned ads on Instagram) 

This excitement is still with me today. Every single thing I learn gives me new butterflies in my stomach. 

It's with such passion that I create graphics for marketing campaigns or plan Facebook posts for your business. I check every detail so that it is perfect and meets your expectations. 

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