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Creative Advertising


The "Not a CRIME" campaign is supposed to shock and show that abortion is treated as a crime in some countries. It aims to raise awareness that abortion is healthcare.

With The Case for Her and Hey Jane, people around the world will be able to take actions such as donating, signing a petition or spreading information on social media.


The challenge? Encourage more minority ethnic communities to become blood donors, including African, Caribbean, Black (ACB) and Asian heritage.

The campaign is to attract the attention of the right group of recipients and encourage them to donate blood.


The task was distinguishing the McIntosh brand from other ready-made products based on a selected target group.

My campaign aims to show Scottish students that by choosing McIntosh products, they will not only save time and money but also easily feel the flavours of home.

People fail to see the high levels of carbon emissions that arise when they buy technology, food and fashion. They are also unable to see waste's impact on the environment.

We will achieve this by organizing the Trashion Show.
A catwalk-inspired world that allows us to shed light on the problem of overconsumption, which will encourage and inspire people across Scotland to reduce their carbon footprint by walking.

D&AD New Blood Award Winner, 2023
Marketing Society Scotland, 2023
McIntosh,  2022
winner (1).png
Zero Waste Scotland, The Frontier, 2023
D&AD New Blood Award brief, 2023
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What does a fresher world look like to you?
We are witnessing the rise of voices of dissent,
and although the brand is not a solution for the world's problems, Heineken creates a unique brand experience to make the world fresher and inspire togetherness and joy.

The campaign is to show that Heineken is not only a beer that makes you feel fresh but also contributes to the freshness of our planet.

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